“I wanted to personally congratulate you.  Your Scooter & Me Yoga DVDs for kids recently earned the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award.  Our judges love them!  We hope to see more of your work in the program in the near future!”
Dawn Matheson / Executive Director / Mom’s Choice Awards
http://www.facebook.com/MomsChoice Awards

“Rob was great to work with. He didn’t require a lot of direction and delivered a product that was spot-on with what we wanted! I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a high quality and professional looking video.”
Mike Hermen, Pink Jeep Tours, Sedona, AZ

“I was very tentative and fearful of making and being in a promotional video for our company.  Rob came in and suddenly making a video was easy and fun. We are so happy with our video. It delivers our message perfectly.”
Jessica Semmel, Co-Owner, Water Physical Therapy Specialists, Los Angeles, CA

“Rob composed and performed the music for my DVD series. His hypnotic melodies flow perfectly with the yoga instructor’s movements. It’s inspiring, relaxing and energizing at the same time. The tune he wrote for the children with autism DVD is happy and fun with a childlike essence. He’s a true musical genius and I look forward to working with him again.”
Jackie Olson / Executive Producer / TRP Wellness

“Working with Rob is a unique opportunity. He set the bar higher than most employees or colleagues are able to go.”
David Moss / Owner / David Moss & Associates, Inc.